22 Dreamiest Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas to Fuel your Remodel

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor – Talking to the kitchen, all women certainly want to have a unique and beautiful kitchen that makes them feel happy when they are cooking foods or preparing foods.

Nowadays, there are so many dream kitchen concepts that you can apply for remodeling, ranging from contemporary kitchen, traditional kitchen, and even farmhouse kitchens.

However, in this section, we will only discuss farmhouse kitchens that are perfect for minimalist houses where the kitchens will be your place to cook, gather with family, dinner, and enjoy a glass of champagne.


Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

farmhouse kitchen shelf decor

If you really want to have a beautiful kitchen with a farmhouse style, maybe you can consider these following farmhouse kitchen decor ideas just in case you want to remodel the kitchen with a new and amazing concept.

1. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen counter decor ideas
source: 24spaces.com

There are so many aspects that you have to pay attention to when dealing with kitchen remodeling, especially if you want to have a farmhouse kitchen.

It starts with the kitchen cabinet idea that you must choose correctly to make the room look more traditional and old-fashioned.

In this case, we would like to recommend you to choose a wooden kitchen cabinet with an original accent. Brown accent will be a great choice to bring natural value to the room.

Moreover, you are no need to pick the large one when the room is too small.

2. Antique Concept

rustic farmhouse kitchen decor ideas
source: 24spaces.com

The antique kitchen brings its own value to the room that can make it look more luxurious and elegant. In this concept, you only need to use several farmhouse kitchen decors which you put on some areas in the room.

For example, you can use three beautiful old fashioned hanging lamps above your dining table made from wood. Some other items may be placed inside the cabinet such as antique cups, antique glasses, and much more.

3. Blue Kitchen Cabinet

farmhouse kitchen decor cheap
source: comptest2015.org

A farmhouse kitchen decor does not always use a neutral accent, but you may also use special light accent such as blue. Somehow, you can only apply the blue color to the kitchen cabinet.

This blue themed kitchen is suitable for a minimalist kitchen, but you can still combine it with other accents such as white or gray.

It is also perfect to put a wall mounted kitchen rack to store your kitchen appliances in a blue accent too.

4. Country Kitchen Decor

rustic farmhouse kitchen wall decor
source: Pinterest

The country kitchen is also a good concept for a farmhouse kitchen decor style to bring the traditional atmosphere in a modern home. Basically, it is easy to get this theme for your kitchen.

All you need to do is to find simple decorations made from woods. Moreover, you can also obtain this look by choosing special colors browns accent and light grey accent with abstract patterns.

5. Traditional Kitchen Table

farmhouse kitchen island decor
source: roetsjordanbrewery.com

This is a nice and old-fashioned table that will make your kitchen look more traditional despite it is applied to your modern home. The kitchen table must be made from wood with a patterned accent.

Meanwhile, the color selected can be dark grey and light brown. It is no problem if you combine it with other colors such as white and black.

6. Rustic Kitchen With Sink

vintage farmhouse kitchen decor
source: www.homedit.com

In the old age, most of the kitchens did not use any sinks, but for a modern farmhouse kitchen decor, it is possible to add a sink for remodeling.

This sink is specifically designed for the farmhouse theme which looks rustic and simple. The material selected can be wood and ceramic.

The farmhouse look will be obtained by choosing a suitable color. White, gray, and brown are three colors which are commonly applied in order to get the farmhouse styled kitchen.

But, your kitchen sink will even become more attractive if you decorate it.

7. Off White Kitchen Cabinet

black and white farmhouse kitchen decor
source: comptest2015.org

Usually, most of the women really like white accent for their kitchen remodel. This simple accent is not only cheap, but it can also make the atmosphere look pure without any stains.

Moreover, it is also suitable for farmhouse kitchen decor concept to bring bright nuance without making the room look bad.

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Simply, this off-white theme can be applied to your kitchen wall and the kitchen cabinets. An off-white backsplash is also a great choice to add more balance.

8. Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

farmhouse themed kitchen decor
source: Pinterest

It will make your kitchen look wonderful when you choose distressed kitchen cabinet for the modern concept. It is a simple farmhouse kitchen decor ideas, but you need a little remodeling.

If you really want to pick this theme for your kitchen, then you may get rid of all cabinet hardware.

Next, you can use a sanding block to sand the cabinet. After that, you can clean it and get the antiquing glaze.

Somehow, this idea is really perfect for an old kitchen cabinet that already looks lame, but you do not have enough money to replace it with the new one.

9. Farmhouse Kitchen Island

farmhouse kitchen decor amazon
source: Pinterest

Many homeowners really dream of applying farmhouse kitchen island for their new kitchen. However, there is no such suitable idea because the old kitchen island looks so common.

You can try this idea for your kitchen remodeling and you just simply use a small kitchen island made from wood along with some chairs.

You may also try Mississipi barn’s kitchen island which looks larger for multiple functions. Thus, you can use a stovetop for safe cooking and three chairs for family serving.

10. White Farmhouse Kitchen

modern farmhouse kitchen wall decor
source: Pinterest

Basically, a white kitchen is really good for an apartment kitchen which is relatively small. You can try to combine white and gray accents on your kitchen island.

The countertop uses acrylic patterned tiles to make the room look pure and elegant.

So, this white themed kitchen with farmhouse style does not look really white because there are some colors used on the other corners.

Put your wall-mounted cabinet above the backsplash, but you can pick a light gray accent for balance.

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

source: wclspacelaw.com

Whatever it is, lighting is crucial for any rooms, especially for your kitchen. But, you have to choose the correct lighting to bring the farmhouse theme.

The farmhouse kitchen lighting uses special lamps for not only making the room bright, but it is also for making the room look outstanding.

Simply, you can use pendant lighting with century style made. This farmhouse lighting must look rustic despite your kitchen is minimalist.

12. Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash

modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas
source: worldecor.co

This amazing kitchen concept uses special backsplash like no others. There are so many options for farmhouse backsplash to make your kitchen look attractive and modern.

You can try beadboard backsplash which refers to a futuristic apartment kitchen in off-white accent.

Meanwhile, if you want to get an old-fashioned themed kitchen, you can try original brick backsplash with dark brown cabinets.

The backsplash may significantly give extra value to the room atmosphere, but you still need to combine it with other accents.

13. Small Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas
source: fashionview.org

This farmhouse themed kitchen may be the best choice for any small apartment kitchen rooms. Though your kitchen is quite small, you can slightly remodel your kitchen with a farmhouse style.

Commonly, a farmhouse kitchen is applied to a large room, but it is different now.

You do not need to use a large kitchen cabinet. Meanwhile, an off-white accent is the favorite choice in order to make the kitchen look spacious.

14. French Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor hobby lobby
source: www.culicoides.net

This amazing kitchen concept will make your kitchen look stylish and elegant with a french country theme.

The basic decor lies in its backsplash design that resembles an extraordinary french styled kitchen made from acrylic material.

Meanwhile, the accent selected may vary depending on the items and decorations applied. The common accent for a harmonious french themed kitchen with farmhouse style is white and light brown.

In addition, the kitchen island used is also made from original wood with contemporary pendant lighting.

15. Farmhouse Kitchen Thai

farmhouse kitchen countertop decor
source: www.culicoides.net

Instead of French farmhouse theme, you may also try Thai themed kitchen with farmhouse style.

This adorable kitchen concept brings natural accent that resembles the Asian community. In this case, you can try to utilize wood materials with original brown color.

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It becomes more harmonious when you also combine it with stone backsplash and rustic countertop. Meanwhile, a large kitchen island can add extra value to the room atmosphere.

So far, this Thai farmhouse kitchen decor becomes a favorite choice for many Asian homes.

16. Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

farmhouse kitchen counter decor
source: nhlsimulation.com

A window seems so important when you want to remodel your kitchen room. Let us try an amazing farmhouse kitchen window with a beautiful curtain. Basically, it is your decision to pick the curtain for this kitchen concept.

Somehow, the farmhouse theme is not only taken from the curtain, but you also need to use some special items and decorations in order to bring a real theme to the room.

The curtain selected may be white, black, and brown. But, white accent probably can make the room more spacious, especially for a minimalist home.

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Chairs

farmhouse kitchen table decor
source: econosfera.com

When you are dealing with a kitchen island and dining table, you may need to choose some chairs. A farmhouse kitchen has its own chair style.

Talking about the material used, most of the farmhouse kitchen chairs are made from wood.

The color selected can be light brown, white, and black. You just need to pick simple chairs with soft cushioning. Thus, you can put these chairs in front of the kitchen islands for aesthetic value.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen Colors