32 Most Incredible Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas (Waking Up the World)

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – People are aware of making their kitchen look amazing. In the modern world, the kitchen must look unique and amazing.

There are beautiful kitchen products, materials, design, and idea that you can get benefits from. In addition, there are tremendous ideas that can inspire you. Rebuild your kitchen immediately.


Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cooking time will be wonderful if you do it in a great kitchen. After you read this article, your kitchen will not be the same again. This article will give you 32 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Lightly Rustic Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet handles
Source: pinterest.com

This design is created for those who love the rustic white look. It looks like you have breakfast in 1799 somewhere in Sweden. Feel the old-fashion nuance of the kitchen.

The chairs look wonderful with such color. This is one of the greatest farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. Probably the old spirit of ancestors will come by to have dinner with your family.

2. Grayscale Shiplap Cabinets with Rustic Vibes

modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet knobs
Source: stefan-rummel.info

The rustic vibes make your kitchen look unique. You can add some stuff as always. Also, you can store kitchen utensils and the like in the shiplap cabinets.

Pretty smart, isn’t it?! Your kitchen will look cleaner and simpler. The paint is natural brown. This idea belongs to farmhouse kitchen cabinets DIY. You can do it yourself. Wonderful!

3. Vintage Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen cabinet hinges
Source: thecottagemarket.com

This will make your kitchen incredible and look of old-school. White color is perfect for the nowadays simple sink. The feel of the cabinet surface is very natural.

It feels like you touch a tree in a jungle. The satin clear finishing is fantastic. My sister has given an idea about the farmhouse kitchen sink cabinet for you all.

4. Modern Farmhouse Light Gray Cabinets

modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet pulls
Source: pinterest.com

The light grey kitchen cabinets make you look wealthier. Grey has always been amazing for millennia. This color can be also perfect to change the look of your kitchen.

This idea comes from the color of wood ash. It is considered one of the best farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas. It is non-toxic and non-rustic. Your kitchen will look modern, expensive and classy.

5. High Contrast Kitchen Cabinets with Black Accents

farmhouse kitchen black cabinets
Source: inspectatlantahome.com

Pastel color has the heart of every man. It looks soft, classic, old-school and elegant. Your kitchen will look clean, fresh and simple.

This pastel look comes from white farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Every side of the kitchen has the heart of the designer. Go build it!

6. Farmhouse Style Cabinets with 70s Color Twist

farmhouse kitchen cabinets home depot
Source: countryliving.com

Kitchen cabinets on the corner of the kitchen look awesome. The space of the room is used very efficiently. It is suitable for a narrow kitchen. You can place the cabinet on every corner of the kitchen.

It is easy to manage things this way. Moreover, the 70s look is always awesome. You can buy old-school hardware to make it perfect. This idea is one of farmhouse style kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

7. Tuscan and Modern Blended Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen oak cabinets
Source: hgtv.com

Decades after decades, a Tuscan color that is combined with a modern look is a perfect choice to decorate a kitchen. Do not forget to lock every cabinet. Make sure there are no animals ruining your kitchen.

This idea belongs to modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Locking cabinets are the safest way to secure your food or other stuff in your kitchen. Make sure you clean it up every day.

8. Grayscale and White Cabinets with Black Accents

farmhouse kitchen grey cabinets
Source: blesserhouse.com

Placing white and grey cabinets in the kitchen is a good idea. Buy the good ones. It is easier to find something if you store it in a look good cabinet.

Make sure there are no harmful animals that can damage your stuff. It is nicer than the other ones. Happy cooking! This idea comes from 1850 in Amsterdam.

9. Unfinished and Mixed Vintage Farmhouse Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen maple cabinets
Source: uniquehomestays.com

Unfinished and mixed vintage look kitchen starts from the cabinet, table, and chairs. This idea has a lot of fans. You can have this old wood style, too.

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Make sure it matches your budget. Cleanliness in a kitchen in a must. Farmhouse kitchen cabinet colors have this wonderful idea for you.

10. Mint Classic Style Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen sink and cabinet
Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Basically, you need to be very creative to build this decoration. Add stones, pebbles, bronze, copper, ceramic and clay to make a pretty stunning kitchen look.

This idea comes from a master of farmhouse kitchen white cabinets. The mint color is able to make your kitchen look fresh and sweet.

11. Paneled Cabinet with White and Black

farmhouse kitchen cabinet paint colors
Source: livecreativelyinspired.com

Black paneled cabinets are the best for those who live in a big family. A lot of kitchen stuff has to be placed in more cabinets. Therefore, paneled cabinets are perfect for this situation.

The owner of this type of kitchen cabinets really gets inspired by farmhouse kitchen with dark cabinets. The dark cabinet can also be black. You get perfect cabinet if you combine the black panel with white painted cabinets.

12. Deep Distressed Unfinished White Cabinets

white cabinet farmhouse kitchen
Source: enmiespaciovital.blogspot.com

It looks cool and classy. You can see the beauty of deep distressed unfinished cabinet if you try this idea for real.

The rich in Europe commonly use this idea for their beloved kitchen. This is taken from kitchen cabinet remodel ideas that are created by the rich in France.

13. Open-Face White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets

farmhouse style kitchen cabinet hardware
Source: metroless.info

The feeling is very good when you cook in this kitchen. The cozy look is unbelievable.

You need to make your kitchen this way so that the energy of the wood comes to you. It comes from kitchen cabinet white color ideas that I read 2 months ago.

14. White Farmhouse Cabinets with Gold Hardware

farmhouse kitchen dark cabinets
Source: dailypatio.com

The golden handles will make your kitchen look awesome. Moreover, the look of your kitchen will be warmer and more peaceful.

The combination of gold and white is an idea from my neighbor. Have this idea for your kitchen. Gold is always nice.

15. Blue Rustic Cabinets with Top Open Face

farmhouse kitchen cabinets for sale
Source: laferida.com

This is the most amazing idea among farmhouse kitchen cabinet paint ideas. A super stylish look will be good for your eyes. Cook with spirit and happiness.

This unique design is created by my sister. It is very easy to paint your kitchen cabinet and other parts of the room. The blue rustic look is very good.

16. White and Olive Green Blended Cabinets

farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Olive and white is the best combination for farmhouse kitchen olive ideas. It is really fantastic. Decorate your kitchen with glossy cabinets. This makes your kitchen look clean, modern and classy.

It is the opposite of a satin look which is more traditional and old-fashion. This idea comes from the group of this super design.

17. Rustic and Modern Cabinets with Farmhouse Flair

farmhouse kitchen cupboard handles
Source: ysedusky.com

The rustic look is always amazing. The farmhouse flares are cozy. This glassy look belongs to kitchen cabinet organization ideas. The people place this kind of cabinet in their kitchen.

If you like cozy nuance, this idea is just for you. You can build your kitchen this way without being worried about the cost.

18. Contrast Cabinets with Raw Wood and White

farmhouse kitchen cabinet pulls
Source: centsationalstyle.com

Add some raw wood and white paint to your farmhouse kitchen right now. You will never regret it. Trust me! accessories on your kitchen cabinet and it will transform like never before.

Wonderful kitchen has this decoration for sure. You can add anything to your cabinet. This idea is one of farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas for small kitchens.

19. Dark Oak Unfinished Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen cabinet doors
Source: bigforkbuilders.com

Dark oak will make your farmhouse kitchen cabinets famous. Moreover, if you add some unfinished touch to the wood cabinets, tiles and kitchen foundation, your kitchen will surely be number in the world.

20. Khaki Tan Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen cabinet colors
Source: twitter.com

Khaki tan is the color of good heart. Your farmhouse kitchen cabinets need this color to be the greatest. It feels like you live in 80s spring.

Ask your neighbors to the cone by. Cook some food and have dinner together in this beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

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21. White Paneling Open-Face Farmhouse Cabinets

farmhouse kitchen storage cabinet
Source: farmhouse5540.blogspot.com

White panel belongs to those who know good style. It is very clean, simple and tidy. If you are a type of person who likes cleanness and simplicity, then this design is just for you.

You can see something clearly if your kitchen is white. Make sure you are not lazy to clean it up because white needs extra effort to look always clean.

22. Simple Paneled White Cabinets with Black Hardware

farmhouse kitchen cabinet knobs
Source: frame.bloglovin.com

Black and white are two friends. They are the best colors that you can apply in a farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This American style has so many fans on earth. The floor is made of wood. The hardware can be either white or black.

23. Light Blue Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

farmhouse kitchen pantry cabinet
Source: zillow.com

Light blue is the color of the sky. It feels like you cook in an outdoor kitchen facing up the sky.

Moreover, it also feels like you cook near an ocean. Casual people love this idea so much. The color is not monotonous. It is fresh and cool.

24. Classic Farmhouse Cabinets with Modern Twist

old farmhouse kitchen cabinets for sale
Source: houzz.com

Sometimes, the kitchen needs modern twists to look good. In this modern era, the classic style still has a lot of followers.

It looks like the classic style will never die. We need to go back to the classic if we get bored with the modern one.

25. Shiplap Unfinished Farmhouse Rustic Cabinet Ideas

Source: lovingit.pl

An unfinished look for farmhouse kitchen cabinet is the only thing you need. In ancient time, people had this style for their farmhouse kitchen.

It is clean and ancient. If you miss the nuance of an ancient village, you can build your kitchen this way.

26. Metal Rolling Cabinets with Crate Storage

Source: lonny.com

Metal rolling cabinets are unique. It is like a Japanese farmhouse kitchen cabinet style. The crate storage makes your kitchen amazing and efficient.

It is actually a combination of Japanese style and American style. You can do an experiment with your kitchen look with this idea.

27. Light Olive Chicken Wire Open-Face Cabinets

Source: ciscopisco.blogs.sapo.pt

It is good to k ow that the chicken wire can inspire you. Add olive color to it and you will beautifully simply look of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This unique idea comes from my brother. He is a farmer.

You can have your own idea to modify this design. You can also add some chicken ornament in your kitchen.

28. Woodland Distressed Green and Raw Wood Cabinets

Source: weareart.ru

Green and raw distressed wood are very impressive. You can have the look of the Viking’s farmhouse kitchen in this modern era.

The basic idea is in the distressed wood. It looks old but beautiful. You dress like Viking if you like before you cook something here.

29. Classic White Cabinets with Beveled Edges

Source: aehomestylelife.com

Classic cabinets are terrific. Moreover, they will look more awesome if you add some beveled edges. Your kitchen will look like the Queen’s. This design indeed has something that can amaze many people.

30. Dark Cobalt Blue Matte Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Source: houzz.com

Dark cobalt blue matte is very nice. Your kitchen will be like one-of-a-kind. It looks Russian. Looks like you have a kitchen in cold winter, at night and peace. It is so amazing and calm. The color looks dark and firm.

31. Contrast Cabinets with Dark Wood and Distress White

Source: pin-insta-decor.com

Distressed white is fantastic. You can have it in your farmhouse kitchen cabinets with the combination of dark wood.

It looks classic and 70s. You can cook with your friends and good neighbors here. This idea comes from my grandparents.

32. Raw Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Black Hardware

Source: magnoliamarket.com

Raw wood is really cool. It looks natural and peaceful. If you like nature and wood, this idea is just for you. The satin clear finishing is the key.

It feels like you cook in the 6th century. Your ancestors will like it a lot. Possibly, they will come by to cook with you.

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