7 Creative Deck Railing Ideas To Inspire Your Home (With DIY Tricks!)

Deck Railing Ideas – When we talk about favorite outdoor space in our home, there are many options that truly remind us of it.

From the front porch to the backyard, and of course, a deck is a place when you can spend your time with your family or simply to do some sight-seeing over the view of your outdoor garden and terrace.

It is quite an important part of your house as it usually placed in the front or the back for recreational space.

That’s why decorating and designing the deck is always a must.

But with many designs to offer and how expensive the professional work can get, can we design our deck railing with an inexpensive cost but the amazing result?


Best DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Bellow, we have a creative list of 7 deck railing ideas to inspire your home along with DIY trick to create a wonderful outdoor space you want to make.

Don’t worry, if you ever have and want to decor your deck with the best deck railing and inexpensive designs, you need to know some of the options and ideas of deck railing you can use.

1. Cheap Deck Railing Ideas

Want to have an aesthetic deck railing design but your budget is limited? Do not worry. Not all amazing deck railings materials are expensive.

In fact, you can even recycle or re-used some materials that probably are available in your garage.

The materials that are good and quite cheap to make a cheap deck railing ideas are acrylic, rope and netting, bull wire railing, recycling doors, and lattice.

Not only the materials are cheap it also can be used from the recycled materials you have at home.

With those materials, you can use anything to make the works look pleasantly aesthetics. If you are worried about its safety and functions sides, you don’t need to.

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It is important to remember that railings have no standard design at all. Whether you want to do any types of materials for the deck railing, it is all still possible and most likely will still look amazing.

That’s why it is not necessary to spend too much money on the railings. You can use anything to make the works look pleasantly aesthetics.

The safety and functions sides itself do not depend on the material but more into the way you apply and build it.

The design below is the example of a good cheap deck railing ideas you can make at home.

Rope Deck Railings

deck railing painting ideas
Sources: hative.com

A deck railing made from the rope is quite popular for people who have a cabin house or a lake house.

Not only it is cheap by material and easy to install, but the design of this deck railing is also has a natural wild vibe that quite fitting for a house located in the wild vast forest.

2. Wood Deck Railing Ideas

Most of the deck railing is made from woods. Although some of the material can be a mixture of something else, most of it is wood like how the famous and easy to make the “sunburst railing”.

Sunburst railings are an actual deck that despite its simplicity, it can look quite amazing once you build it. You just need to create the sunburst effect through the pieces of wood which have different sizes.

After that, you need to secure the regular railing in an oval shape so that the larger pieces point to the top edges while the smaller ones point toward the middle and the lower edges.

deck railing ideas home depot
Source: hative.com

Wagon Wheel Deck Railing

cedar deck railing ideas
Source: morningchores.com

Wagon wheel deck railing is a vintage deck railing idea made by wood. You can use the old wagon wheel to pull off the rusty and antique kind of charm, or you can order it to the carpenter.

This style of railings is well fitted for a cabin house or a villa that located near the mountain.

Diamond Rails

inexpensive deck railing ideas
Source: hative.com

A deck railing is made of wood in the shape of a diamond. Pretty stylish with the natural color of white, making your house deck elegant and fresh.

This kind of railing is also easy to make as you only need to connect the certain parts of the wood railing to make a diamond shape. It is available in many railing shops.

Landscape Retaining Wall

deck railing ideas pictures
Source: pinterest.com

A retaining wall might be a great option for your deck railing, especially for you who would love to build a small garden in between. This deck railing idea is a great example of mixing traditional posts and spindles.

You can plant beautiful flowers inside the retaining walls as well as having a great view to behold on your deck.

3. Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

The horizontal railing is usually focusing on the space and the series of lines that are neatly arranged with the form of one to top of one another. People who use horizontal deck want to make their deck look long, spacious, and big.

White Wood Lattice Deck Railing

rustic deck railing ideas
Source: hative.com

Made by wood and lattice as its material, this railing is made to give off the impression of rustic with exquisite space. The decking also increases the security and privacy which make this design look more attractive and safe.

4. DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Want to build your own deck railing without complicated process and most likely, easy to follow steps? No worries! There are many DIY deck railing ideas you can try at home and those DIY deck railing ideas are:

DIY Wire Railing

deck railing cap ideas
Source: hative.com

Wire railing by any means is the most simple looking railing you might ever want to build.

It is also easy to install and gives off a simplicity kind of vibes which usually quite fitting to neutral color such as white, black, or wooden brown.

The wire railing usually consists of wire lines that are typically placed one to another. They usually fill up the open space of the railing, making it safe and somewhat better looking,

Stainless Steel Cable Deck Railing

deck railing planter ideas
Source: hative.com

A deck railing made from a stainless steel cable which is more for its functions than it looks. The main structure for this design itself is made from woods while the opening is filled with the rows of the stainless steel cables.

The Lattice Porch Panels Makeover

deck railing bench plans
Source: hative.com

A deck railing idea that is focusing to create an open diamond shape lattice railing in the center of each panel by cutting the sections of the wood off. Making only the outer shape and main crossing.

Cross Style Deck Railing

deck railing ideas privacy
Source: hative.com

The standard DIY deck railing you can try at home. It is quite mainstream and easy to build.

You just need to create the crosses while then adding smaller pieces of wood between the crosses to make a square. It usually comes with white as its color.

5. Metal Deck Railing Ideas

Deck Railing made from metal is particularly used to give off a simple vibe or even futuristic and modern. Metal deck railing itself is quite popular in the western states.

Many houses in the states, especially housing complex do use metal railings for their home.

Not only it’s stylish, but it’s also quite strong and has high endurance. Some might think that using metal for a deck railing would be expensive. But you can always cut the budget by using the metal like the design below.

Curvy Deck Railing

Source: hative.com

Made from curvaceous Aluminum Balusters, the railing of this curvy deck gives off the impression of elegant and somewhat classic and fancy. The color scheme of black and white truly has done this railing design beautifully

Vintage Panorama Railing

wire deck railing ideas
Source: hative.com

Another vintage looking railing made from the steel balusters that gives off the traditional colonial vibes with its sturdy material and design.

Horizontal Metal Deck Railing

deck railing lights ideas
Source: hative.com

A horizontal metal deck railing runs of wrought iron as well as coated aluminum form. It doesn’t cost that much and quite stylish with the combination of dark brown and black.

The use of metal deck railing is totally inexpensive, cost saving with a rich color and shapes that will make your deck looking stylish and easy to install.

Stone and Metal Deck Railing

deck railing ideas pinterest
Source: hative.com

The combination of stone, metal, and would make this deck railing very sturdy. More importantly, it is very easy for maintenance.

This kind of railing also gives off the vibe of warm and inviting. It’s a pretty good design for a family house.

6. Deck Stair Railing Ideas

Deck stair railing is important to connect between the stair and the deck, as well as the terrace. But what kind of deck stair would fit your house the best? Below is the example of the deck stair railing:

Concrete Stairway Railing

do it yourself deck railing ideas
Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

A stair railing that is probably made to connect the driveway to the front entrance of a craftsman style house.

The railing itself goes for an industrial look as it’s custom design uses materials such as the standard railing flange, Side outlet elbow, Top fix rail assembly, and most likely flange fitting to mount the side of the garage.

Front step railing

Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

A deck stair railing is made by David for his home. It was a deck stair railing with three-step staircase to connect between his terrace, the yard, the street, and his home. A simple railing that is usually used often in the U.S housing complex.

Brick Stair Railing

Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

This railing is made from brick by using a surface landing L160 railing kit. Make to connect the house door with the yard, the length of this configurable railing and handrail length is up to 8ft.

Stone Steps Railing

Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

This railing stones was designed by Laura for her house in New Jersey. This design of railing was using surface L160 railing Kit as well as powder coated with a black finish.

The stone steps railing does connect Laura’s terrace with the yard and the street outside. The maintenance is not too hard and although is quite fragile with time, it doesn’t spend too much time to clean it.

Back Deck Metal Railing

Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

A deck stair railing made from metal while the stepping used the material woods. This railing was made in the purpose to have a grab on something when the stepping is icy in the winter.

By using the metal handrails, you can easily clean the snows or the freezing ice away. The handrail of this railing is built by using top fix rail assembly, standard railing flange, and wall mounted handrail bracket.

7. Cable Deck Railing Ideas

Not all deck railings are made from wood, rope, and wire. Some of the stylish railings you can find are made from a cable. Many of this cable railing system is made in various shape, color, and options.

The cable is the most flexible choice ever for you who want to experiment with design. The designs below are the example of cable railings.

Natural Aluminum Post for Elevated Porch

Source: stainlesscablerailing.com

The design of this deck railing is quite contemporary. By mixing the cable deck railing with aluminum baluster, wood and cable, this somewhat horizontal deck railing do pull off a modernize vibe with its elevated stairs or stepping.

The design itself is not that hard to maintenance which means you can save some money or even maintenance this by yourself.

Bronze Aluminum Cable Railing for Covered Deck

Source: stainlesscablerailing.com

Different from the design about, this cable deck railing is the mix between stainless steel and bronze aluminum cable.

This cable railing design does pull off a simple vibe especially if your house uses a lot of neutral colors. It’s one of the most used cable railings design and quite easy to install.

That is all 7 creative deck railing ideas you can do for your home! Have you found your favorite design?

If you do, do start planning your ideas and materials. If you aren’t quite sure about what you need and what should you do, you can discuss it with a professional team as well.

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