25 of The Amazing Bedroom Color Schemes You Should add to Wishlist!!

Are you bored with the color of your bedroom? Or, are you looking for inspiration for a bedroom color scheme? If your answer is yes, please stay tuned with me. Today, we will show you the 27 best bedroom color schemes you should know.

We all agree that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is a place where you can spend your night to sleep. The bedroom is the best place where you can have your privacy. Many homeowners spend time and afford to make their bedroom more beautiful and enjoyable.

When it comes to bedroom decoration, the choice is unlimited. You can add new furniture, wall decoration or you can change the layout of your bedroom. Bedroom decoration is fun but will need a lot of budgets. If you are on a tight budget, changing your bedroom color scheme is always recommended.


How To Choose The Right Color Schemes For Your Bedroom?

There is no doubt that the color of space play a great impact on how you feel about that particular space. You can change the look and feel of your bedroom by simply changing your bedroom color scheme.

It is true that you can paint your bedroom with any color you like. There are unlimited paint colors out there that you can choose. However, if you want to create a beautiful, elegant and enjoyable bedroom, you need to consider the following tips:

  • In recent year, neutral color has become popular bedroom color schemes. Brown, beige, creams are a few examples of neutral color that widely use in many bedroom decorations. Those color are a neutral color that can be combined with another color with ease.
  • To bring peace and calm atmosphere to your bedroom, you can paint your wall with lavender, blue or green tone color. Green is often associated with calm, balance, energy, nature and stability.
  • Some people love the blue color for their bedroom. Blue color means loyalty, serenity, delay hunger, stimulate thinking, and contemplation.
  • The dark grey shade should not be used for bedroom color as this color can induce depression, stress, and sadness.
  • To make your bedroom more interesting, you can add some accessories such as a decorative pillow. Indoor plants and furniture to enhance the color that you already have.
  • If you have a very limited budget, you can paint your bedroom with white color. In this case, you can cheer up your color with pastel color of accessories and decoration.
  • The general role for bedroom color schemes is that your wall color should complement your bedroom furniture.
  • For a perfect result, your bedroom color should complement with interior and exterior color of your house.

Best Bedroom Color Schemes You Can Choose

Choosing the right bedroom color is not an easy task. It is true as there are many color schemes out there that you can choose for your bedroom. To help you to find the right color scheme here are some best bedroom color schemes that may consider.

1. Misty Blue Master Bedroom Color Scheme

the red and grey color scheme for bedroom
Source: decoraid.com

When it comes to master bedroom choosing the right scheme is very crucial. This misty blue master bathroom offers brightness and lightness to create the relaxing atmosphere you need. Different blue color combination with a sharp edge is beautiful and evoke a light mist of the sea in the crisp morning.

2. Beautiful Grey Bedroom Color Schemes

the best color scheme for bedroom
Source: decoholic.org

Grey is a neutral color suitable to create a beautiful and elegant bedroom. However, grey color alone is lack of brightness. This designer is clever to create a grey and white bedroom without losing a warm atmosphere to the room. The bright color linen makes this room not only beautiful and elegant but also inviting.

3. Blue Calming Bedroom Color Schemes

masculine bedroom color schemes
Source: homedit.com

The blue color is always fantastic for the bedroom. The light blue color on this bedroom creates a calming atmosphere suitable for the owner who wants to hide from the city busy lifestyle out there. Can you notice 2 small floral ornaments on both sites of the bedroom? They are simple, but they do the job to cheer up the room.

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4. Black and White Color Schemes For Bedroom

yellow bedroom color schemes
Source: homedit.com

I am a bit surprised by the color scheme is shown in the picture. I thought it will be difficult to apply a black and white color scheme in the bedroom. This beautiful bathroom just makes me think the opposite way. Black and white color scheme are just perfect for a bedroom like shown in the picture.

5. Color Scheme for Master Bedroom and Bath

guest bedroom color scheme
Source: dwellingdecor.com

Open bathroom concept is prevalent in our society. More and more people use an open bathroom concept combined with the master bedroom. White color is obviously dominant in this open concept bathroom. However, Grey color bathroom wall make this bedroom more interesting.

6. Perfect Dark Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

the neutral color scheme for bedroom
Source: pinimg.com

Dark blue is my favorite color. You can create a beautiful and elegant room with a dark blue color. This dark blue color bedroom is really beautiful and elegant. To cheer up your dark blue color, you need to use white color. This also will make your room brighter.

7. Colorful Teenage Bedroom Decor Scheme

brown bedroom color schemes
Source: cloisall.co

Most parents want to create a beautiful and perfect bedroom for their kids. For the teenage bedroom, you should not afraid to play with the color. You can use a brighter color like pink, red and maroon like shown in the picture.

8. Male Bedroom Color Scheme

maroon bedroom color schemes
Source: dieet.co

For the best male bedroom, you need to choose the right color schemes. Male bedroom obviously associated with masculinity.  Any color with a dark shade is suitable for male bedroom color schemes. This particular male bedroom uses the dark color combination with the light color ceiling.

9. Elegant Brown and Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

girl bedroom color schemes
Source: homedesignlover.com

Just like black, the blue color is a popular color in interior design. This is true as you can combine the blue color with any other color like brown white and green. These color combination can create a beautiful and elegant bedroom like shown in the picture.

10. Tan Bedroom Color Scheme

peacock color scheme bedroom
Source: decoratw.com

Many people believe that tan bedroom is too conservative and boring.  However, with the proper color combination, you can create warmth and inviting bedroom.  Blue curtain and blue wall and pillow with white ornament can create beautiful and interesting tan bedroom color scheme you need.

11. Taupe Bedroom Color Schemes

teen bedroom color schemes
Source: decoist.com

Taupe is a color between brown and grey or you can say it is dark brown color. This is a popular color for bedroom walls as it will blend to any color perfectly. Taupe color allows you to create beautiful and opulent bedroom like shown in the picture.

12. Cheerful Teenager Girl Bedroom Color Scheme

cool bedroom color schemes
Source: freshome.com

Teenage girl bedroom decoration obviously differs from the boys and so for the color schemes. For teenage girls, you need to use a bright color such as red, pink and white. The aim is to create a beautiful room for the princes. The beautiful bedroom is the castle for your beloved princes.

13. Beautiful and Romantic Bedroom Color Scheme That Will Inspire You

navy blue bedroom color schemes
Source: homemakersonline.co.za

If you want to add some little romance to your bathroom you need to choose a color scheme correctly. Pink, lavender, grey, and black are a few example color combination to create a romantic bedroom you need. The color schemes on this bathroom are just perfect for an elegant and romantic bedroom.

14. Amazing Bedroom Wall Color Scheme You Should Have

Source: homedit.com

We all agree that black and white are a popular classic color scheme use in much interior design project. However, when you add red to black and white color, the result is dramatic. This beautiful color scheme is really amazing. So vibrant and bring the whole new level of energy.

15. Navy Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

romantic bedroom color schemes
Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Navy blue color is always great for any bathroom. This particular color brings instant beauty to your room. For a dramatic result, you need to add some white element on it. You mix white color wall with white bed, furniture or linen-like shown on the picture.

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16. Forest Green and Earthy Brown Cool Bedroom Color Scheme

teenage girl bedroom color schemes
Source: homedit.com

To create a cool bedroom, your ability to combine different color is very important. The combination of two or more color cans creates a new atmosphere for your bedroom. This forest green and the earthy brown color combination are just perfect for warmth and elegant bedroom you need.

17. Interesting Teen Bedroom Color Scheme

taupe bedroom color scheme
Source: hgtv.com

We believe that teen has a color preference too. You can ask your kids about what color like to have it in their bedroom. What you need to do is to guide them to find the right color they need. The combination of various color can create beautiful teen bedroom as shown in the picture.

18. Beautiful Peacock Color Scheme Bedroom

tan bedroom color schemes
Source: Centerbank.info

There is no doubt that blue color is a beautiful color that can be applied for every room. When it comes to blue color peacock blue color is blue color inspire buy the color of the peacock. This particular color scheme is suitable for everyone who wants to create an elegant and opulent bedroom.

19. Girl Bedroom Color Scheme

brown and blue bedroom color schemes
Source: elledecor.com

Most girls love a beautiful pink color. However, if you want to create feminism room for the girl, but you don’t want to use pink color, purple color can be the right choice. Purple color is not only soft beautiful but also fun for the girl.

20. Perfect Maroon Bedroom Color Scheme

male bedroom color schemes
Source: decorationchannel.com

There is no doubt that maroon is beautiful color love by everyone. Maroon bedroom color is the best color for the bravest. It is a strong and warm color to express your passion. To make your maroon bedroom more interesting you can add some other color element as you wish.

21. Bedroom With Unique Pattern

Source: thesleepjudge.com

The brown gold bedroom shown in the picture is really beautiful. This master bedroom has a unique color pattern. The bedroom floor created from hardwood with mustard yellow and a dark brown complement the color of the wall. As you can see many color elements involve such as pink, purple, etc.

22. Calming Bedroom Scheme

Source: marthastewart.com

Your bedroom is the best place to have quality rest. Most people want to have a calming bathroom. To create a calm and relaxing bedroom, you can use neutral bedroom color schemes like shown in the picture

23. Guest Bedroom Scheme Ideas

Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Just like any part of your room, your guest bedroom deserves special treatment. After all, you want to make your guest stay in your house comfortably.

24. Bright Bedroom Scheme

Source: thespruce.com

Yellow is a beautiful bright color that can be applied for every room. However, when it comes to bedroom schemes, you need to be wise. In this case, you need to mix with another color like shown on the picture

25. Masculine Atmosphere Bedroom

Source: freshome.com

Man bedroom is obviously different from women. There is a wide range of man bedroom color scheme you can choose. However, it is very important to bring some masculine element to the bedroom.  Detail strong line can bring a masculine atmosphere to the room.

26. Elegant Linen Bedroom

Source: decoholic.org

Are you looking for the best color schemes for the bathroom? If your answer is yes, you may get some inspiration from the picture above. This particular bathroom combines different color scheme applied to the wall as well as to the linen. The perfect color combination creates a beautiful and elegant bedroom you need.

27. Relaxing Bedroom With Red and Gray Combo

Source: decoist.com

Any bedroom needs to be beautiful and relaxing. This is true as your bathroom is the best place for relaxation and of course for sleeping. This particular bedroom has a perfect combination of both colors.

You have read 27 best bedroom color schemes. If you find this article useful, please do not hesitate to share with our family and friend.

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