17 Most Shocking Front Door Flower Pots Ideas (Peaceful and Lovely!)

In general, people want to have a very lovely and peaceful home. They try their best to renovate or to alter the look and appearance of their homes. Almost at least every year, a house needs to renovate. We commonly spend some money to make front door flower pots better.

No matter how small or how enormous our house is, the cleanness, decoration, and homey properties are the most priorities. There are many ways to change the old look into like-never-before one. Flower pots outside the front door are a must.


Wild Ideas Will Do

Sometimes, wild ideas just come across our mind before we start to work the renovation. I think that is amazing. As we know that we can be very creative if we push our potential beyond our limit. Human creativity is endless and limitless.

We can come up with so many possible ideas to make everything great. The most common way to renew the look of a house is by painting it. You can paint your house whatever color you like. Large galvanized flower pot front door is great, too.

There several types of wall paint and wood paint that you can choose namely satin, semi satin, gloss, and semi-gloss or medium gloss. Wall paint can be good if you use a glossy finish. While wood furniture will look cool if you use a satin finish.

Help Other People with Your Creativity

They are not good to bring in the energy into your house from the very front of it. Make sure you water the flowers regularly. Use well-fertilized soil, too. There is a good idea if you can design your own flowers in a pot design. That will be cool.

Remember that there are so many uncreative humans on this planet that cannot come up with creative idea including about how to decorate the front door area. Therefore, you can be helpful in this situation. Share your creativity with as many humans as possible. Cool!

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Decorative Your Front Door Flower Pots

Interestingly, when it comes to front door decoration, you can place some plants or flowers in a pot. Trust me, your front door’s appearance will be fantastic. This article will inspire you and your family by 17 most lovely and peaceful flowers in pot ideas.

You will be inspired by them all. The truth is that all of those designs are shown from the creative mind of creative designers. Some of them are very easy to make while some others need extra money to decorate. Build Portuguese’s houses with flower pot painted by the front door!

The point is that bring the power of natural energy by naturally fresh flowers and natural pots. You’d better also use clay pots or metal pot like copper, bronze, or aluminum. Do not use plastic pots or iron ones. Flower pots for front porch with stained front door are cool.

1. Medium-Height Black Flower Pot

beautiful front door flower pots
Source: homebnc.com

This very first design is created by me. I buy a black flower pot at the home depot near my house. Then, I add some beautiful flowers on it. The deep purple flowers which are combined with the green leaves look very amazing.

Pay attention also to the wall behind the pot. The color is very contrast with the pot. You can have a different color of the wall but make sure it matches with the pot.

2. Red Flowers with Dotted Pots

front door flower containers

This is my friend’s favorite. He loves red and green. As you can see that there are several black pots with some dots on each pot. The pots are made of clay. The clay is taken from the Tibetan soil. It is very good to make a clay pot out of.

Front door flower pot ideas have got this one as the masterpiece. You can change the dot pattern if you do not like it. Front door with stairs flower pot placement will be great also.

3. Medium-Big Front Door Flower Pots

front door flower pot designs

Look at the design! There are two medium-big flower pots that are filled with green leaves and beautiful light purple flowers. The pots are put on wood flor which makes a perfect look. Also, the wall is painted in soft white.

This design has the idea of flower pots for the front door. You can have the same idea for your front house. If you have some idea, please feel free to alter it. White cottage flower pots at the front door are great.

4. Little Flower Pot with Little White Flowers

front door flower holder

Decorative flower pot for front door will be amazing if you use this idea. This pot is made of Javanese clay from Indonesia. It is very unique and versatile. The flowers are small and white. The combination of the pot and the flowers bring some positive energy to the house.

You can place a candle in the middle top of the plant to add some extra warm nuance. I like it!

5. Black Clay Front Door Flower Pots

front door flower planters

These big black clay flower pots are brought from Sunda to Ohio, the United States of America. The black clay is similar to the Tibetan version. However, The Sunda version is slightly better because it contains more volcanically ancient minerals.

This large flower pots for the front door is absolutely amazing. The owner then adds some green paint on it to blend its look with the surroundings.

6. Bluish Green Front Door Flower Pots

front door flower decoration

The three bluish green flower pots that you see now are created by a pot designer from Nepal, Bon Ye Don. He likes the color so much. The inspiration comes from duck’s eggs that have a similar color of the pots.

As you can behold now that front door flower pot arrangements are clearly seen on this idea. You can place every pot that has a different size just like that.

7. Copper Flower Pots with Red Flowers

front door flower bed ideas

This one is absolutely one-of-a-kind. The pots are made of copper. Then you can add some wood box to cover each of them. The wood box gives more natural nuance and balances to them. While the red small flowers are perfectly put with the deep green leaves.

This front entrance front door flower pot is created by my old friend, Peter. He likes to garden and to decorate houses.

8. White Dots on Bluish Ceramic Flower Pots

front door flower ideas

This is actually another different sized flower pots design for your front door area. The maker adds some white dots and paints the rest of the area with light blue. He likes the ocean and sea. Therefore, he decides to use the color to finish the work.

The pots have got some white cottage flower pots at the front door. You can also write some words such as ‘Home Sweet Home”, each word for each pot if you like.

9. A Bronze Flower Pot with Varied Flowers


This amazing flower pot is created by local craftsman in Batu, West Java, Indonesia. I bought it several years ago. It is so amazing. I like bronze a lot. This pot is filled with vivid flowers from different species.

This one is definitely one of the best flower pots front door that you can apply for the front door decoration.

10. The Rise of Copper Flower Pot

front door flower pot ideas

This one is proof that the resurrection of copper flower pot has already begun. This is very lovely. Copper can give you positive energy from mineral. Moreover, this metal is created by nature millions of years ago.

It means that this flower pot is powerful in terms of energy. Large front door flower pot color ideas bear this idea to you.

11. Old Stone Front Door Flower Pots

front door flower arrangements

This old stone flower pot is made of sediment stone from the Mount Merapi, Indonesia. This one is pretty old. The stone itself is nine thousand years old. Interestingly, this pot has a unique energy that can boost your mood and feeling.

Sri Lankan house has a front door flower pot with water. This pot is also similar to the one in Sri Lanka.

12. Rattan Front Door Flower Pots

front door flower wreaths

My mother, Sakura creates this rattan flower pots to balance the decoration of our front door. She orders the rattan from Central Java, Indonesia. She likes to make a natural craft. You can fill them with dry flowers.

This idea matches with the front door entrance flower pot idea. You can have the same rattan like her or you can get one from any other countries around the globe.

13. Three-Level Clay Flower Pots

front door planter boxes

This is the best flower pots that I admire most. The clay that is used to create this post is taken from Mount Arjuno, Indonesia. The clay is very smooth and tender. It has amazing texture and color. It smells really good and unique.

However, these particular flower pots have the same idea with ceramic flower pots front door, Make sure you bring the best clay from a remote area in this world.

14. Small Clay Flower Pots

front door flower basket

These tiny clay flower pots are sweet enough to decorate the front door. However, you can see that they have got big vivid flowers. The combination of tiny pots and bis flowers is really amazing. This idea comes from the mind of my uncle, Dalio.

The best price on the flower pot in front door entry is actually this idea. It is basically affordable. I think you can prepare all the materials to make one.

15. The Best Tin Front Door Flower Pots

This is the best in flower pots that I have ever seen. They are non-rustic and non-poisonous. You can have them to decorate your front door. I know that the tin is made of aluminum and copper and nickel.

You can find them in the home depo. However, there are several sizes that you Cn choose namely small, medium, and big.

16. The Most Unique Stone Flower Pots

I find it very interesting to have ancient stone flower pots in the front door site. Actually, you can find plenty of ancient stones in Indonesia. However, you’d better go to the country and ask local people where to find them all. Front door flower pot arrangements artificial look is terrific!

I suggest you go to volcanic areas. There are many volcanic sites in Indonesia. It will be easy to do so. Do not get confused with what color flower pot with the aqua front door.

17. Snake-Like Clay Flower Pot Arrangement

Source: homebnc.com

Look at this snake-like flower pot arrangement! It is absolutely beyond belief! I find this design when I came by my old friend’s house in Auckland three months ago. I like it. After I went home, I then started to make it in my own front door.

Flower pot decor ideas for your front door are needed, too. I made a little modification which was great. However, you can have plant combinations for flower pots front door with this design too.

Be Happy with those Amazing Flower Pots

Choose one or some ideas that you have already seen above. I m sure that your house especially the front door area will look incredible. I hope you enjoy this article and go make some fun with those ideas! Flower pots to cover up outside brick by the front door is awesome, too.

Tin flower pots front door is amazing and good to have. Be careful if you want to make some flower pots that are made of metal. Make sure the material is very clean, non-rustic, and non-toxic. Possibly, you will need to spend a little more money to make it real.

You need to make sure what color to paint flower pots for the turquoise front door is. Please remember that you can also come up with your own idea. You can upload every design of the front door on Instagram.

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