Tutorial Ruffles Of Chain Maille


Ruffles is a weave by PrairieGal of Beaded-Baubles. It is a variant of Helm Chain that adds side rings to give some extra pizzazz.


Ruffles takes 3 ring sizes. Two ring sizes to make Helm Chain, then additional, smaller rings for the sides. 20awg 3/16″, 20 or 22awg 1/8″ and 20awg 3/32″ work, though the sides will be scrunched together somewhat.

Metric sizes – approximately 0.8mm wire/4.8mm ID; 0.6mm or 0.8mm wire/3.2mm ID; and 0.8mm wire/2.4mm ID.


New rings are gold, old rings are silver.

Tutorial Ruffles Of Chain Maille

Step 1: Make a 2-1 chain as long as you want the final piece to be. The large single rings are 20awg 3/16″ and the small doubled rings are 20 or 22awg 1/8″.

Step 2: Place 20awg 3/16″ rings around the doubled 1/8″ rings. The new large rings should not pass through any rings at this point.

Step 3: Pass open 3/16″ rings through the doubled 1/8″ rings, trapping the rings from the previous step. This makes Helm Chain.

Step 4: Put 20awg 3/32″ rings through the 3 layers of 3/16″ rings, in the eye formed by the top/bottom and middle layers.

Step 5: Put a 3/32″ ring through each of the rings added in the previous step.

Step 6: Connect two of the rings from Step 5 with 2 more 3/32″ rings.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 for the rest of the horizontal 3/32″ rings.

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