Phong’s Chainmaille Tutorials

Welcome to, the home of Phong’s Chainmaille Tutorials, precision computer generated, free tutorials for chainmaille weaves and techniques. CGMaille is also the premiere site for customized chainmaille graphics, patterns and tutorials for maillers. This is a graphics-intensive site; please … Read more

Rondo Chainmaille Tutorial

WEAVE BACKGROUND Rondo is a weave by PrairieGal of Beaded-Baubles that combines elements of Helm Chain and Byzantine. AR & RING SIZES Rondo takes 3 different ring sizes. For this tutorial, they are: 20awg 3/16″ (large), 20awg 1/8″ (medium) and 20awg 3/32″ (small). You don’t have … Read more

European 4 In 1 Chainmaille Tutorial

WEAVE BACKGROUND European 4-1 is probably the most common weave used in maille-dom, due to its simplicity and ease of construction. It’s most famous for being the weave used in European knights’ armor. European 4-1 can be made using several … Read more