30 Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas That May Change Your Perspective


Rustic Living Room – Rustic style is one of the most trending interior designs genres on the scene. And today, we’re focusing our inspiration on family corners that exemplify that look. This rustic living room ideas are perfect to fashion your home revamps around.

From the furniture choices to the accents, this is how to take a trend and personalize it to your own vision. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

30 Easy Ways to Make Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas

For all those people who fancy the modern and contemporary style of decorating, but yet want to keep the natural touch, the cozy soul and the homey feel of the interior, Creating a rustic feel in the modern living room, will allow the place to breathe and to reflect warmth and natural energy.

This interior style that most likely resembles the cottage decorated interiors, keep us close to nature and fills the cold concrete room with warm substance and profound style. We’ve prepared an inspiring showcase of Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Check out the roundup and get inspired.

Airy Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Digs Digs

A pebble stone floor against a clean white wall gives both a fresh and natural feel to the rustic and airy interior. The wood lodge used as a coffee table, the built-in fireplace and the oak wood exposed beams form the clean rustic appearance of this beautiful white living room.

Attic Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Decor8blog

The attic is a perfect room for applying the rustic interior decor, it has the required mystique and freedom. The leaned wall with skylight accents the modern and airy side of the living room, while the exposed oak wood beams
bring the rustic and cozy feel of the chic and beautiful interior.

Bold Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Digs Digs

Tres shabby chic and harmonic. The unification of colors and materials sets the tranquil and relaxing feel of the interior, which is strictly decorated according to the Rustic decor rules: neutral color scheme, exposed wood beams, built-in fireplace, and handcrafted decorative elements.

Charming Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Digs Digs

Stacked stone wall with an oak wood panel ceiling with exposed beams creates the rustic and natural foundation of the warm and creamy living room. The bright and neutral color scheme in combination with comfy furniture and shag texture sets the cozy and bright appearance.

Chic Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Lonny

Great blend of high-end contemporary setting with the impurity of luxury and art deco with bold rustic touch. Exposed dark wood beams strike through clean white walls, providing high contrast and striking with rustic, warm feel.

Contemporary Rustic Living Room

Photo by: La Dolce Vita

High ceiling concept of the living room with painted white wood paneled walls and dark exposed beams create a rustic and yet open and airy appearance of the living room. The rustic and bright living room interior has a truly bold and daring artistic touch as a courtesy of the gallery wall.

Creamy Rustic Living Room

Photo by: pottery barn

This living room interior is decorated really precisely to a strict color and decorative scheme in order to reflect a totally Zen inspired ambiance with a relaxed and tranquil appearance. An antique coffee table, accent ceiling pendant, shag beige rug and built in fireplace form the neo-rustic feel of this modern living room.

High Ceiling Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Digs Digs

A stacked stone fireplace stretching in height in proportion with the high ceiling concept creates a bold and opulent focal point in the overall homey and cozy interior with typical rustic appearance.

Modern Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Beacont

The cathedral ceiling enhanced with dark wood beams creates the bold and rustic foundation of the beige and neutral tone living room with Mid Century charm. The bold elements such as the wood log used as table add the rustic charm of the interior.

Quirky Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Remodelista

A perfect blend of chic and rustic applied through an antique leather armchair, tall window, rustic decorative elements and clean white walls which set the balanced and airy feel of the lovely interior.

Rustic Country Living Room

Photo by: Laura Ashley

We love the calm and bright appearance of the beautiful white living room with the rustic feel. The snuggler armchair positioned next to the stone fireplace sets a truly cozy and charming appeal of the beautiful living room.

Rustic Living Room at the Attic

Photo by: AD Design File

The birch-bark wall covering sets a noise in the architecturally advanced attic living room with the eclectic setting and feminine perk. The rattan armchair, traditional ethnic rug, and round pendant lantern make a warm rustic statement in the place.

Sleek Rustic Living Room

Photo by: Shelterness

Sleek and rustic. A perfect combination for those who like a practical living room with clean appearance but yet want to keep the warm and cozy feel. The wood storage between the walls sets a truly inspiring appearance and work as a great focal point.

Plenty of Seating

Photo by: Gibeon Photography

Incorporate sweeping seating to invite friends and family to sit down, relax, and enjoy your welcoming space.

Wood Walls

Photo by: Janice Barta

Stick with a lighter wood, like walnut, to help your living space feel as open and bright as possible.

With Layers

Photo by: Liz Marie

Always showcases beautiful concocted spaces. This rustic masterpiece is polished off with layers and layers of comfort.

With Neutrals

Photo by: Pinterest

We found this neutral living room as well and stopped it right up. Creating a rustic space is really easy, especially when you stick to tones like cream, brown, and gray.

With A Pallet Wall

Photo by: tarynwhiteaker.com

Pallet walls are always a great way to focus your rustic space as well. Check out this scene and allow it to inspire some DIY projects.

With Antlers

Photo by: Pinterest

Antlers are always a good way to round out the rustic interior design style. We found this trendy little spot on Pinterest and fell in love with its gallery wall.

With Distressing

Photo by: shopshadyoaksfarm.com

This really pretty space up their sleeve. And what caught our eye the most was the distressed furniture pieces that fit right in with this home style.

With Wooden Arrows

Photo by: little-brick-house.blogspot.ro

This living room featured rustic nook and we were immediately drawn to those wooden arrows on the wall. Those pieces are great for inspiring DIY projects, don’t you think?

With Contemporary Style

Photo by: lightingconnection.com

This rustic living room had us falling in love with this contemporary and rustic fusion. The raw, organize pieces comes together nicely with the crisp polishing.

With Black and White

Photo by: tarynwhiteaker.com

This living room uses black and white all throughout her home but still keep everything on the more “shabby chic” side of things.

With Light Pops

Photo by: Pinterest

Rustic doesn’t mean dark or bland. You can create that texture and vibe with brighter pops of color like you see in here.

With Lots of Creams

Photo by: Pinterest

We snatched it right up because not only is it elegant but it’s got that warmness that every family space need stop

With A Chalkboard

Photo by: Pinterest

Chalkboards are always a great way to spruce up and personalize a rustic space. And don’t be afraid to slide one in the living room as you see here in this space.

With Buffalo Check

Photo by: Pinterest

This buffalo check focuses up their sleeve as well. With or without the print, the living room soars, but we love the amount of personalization and trendy style it offers.

With Cottage Vibes

Photo by: Pinterest

Cottage accents go well with rustic style as well. If you want some femininity brought into space. Pinterest had this buffalo check focus up their sleeve as well. With or without the print, the living room soars, but we love the amount of personalization and trendy style it offers.

With Fresh Florals

Photo by: decorpad.com

Decor Pad showed us how to mix the texture of a rustic room with the boho quality of one with a bout of beach inspiration. And we are loving the unique blend of both.

With A Farmhouse Mix

Photo by: twelveonmain.com

Twelve On Main gave us a living room that holds both farmhouse and rustic styles really nicely. There are so many
bits and pieces that we love.

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