20+ The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Decor and Design Ideas that are Look Awesome for Your Home


Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas – Farmhouse style dining decor is hot today. Even people who live in urban areas are decorating their house with this style. It’s because the farmhouse style will bring the warm feeling to any home.

If you want to get started with farmhouse decor, one of the easiest ways is with a farmhouse dining table.


Because some of the best memories a family can have come from conversations and activities that happened around the dining table. My best memories are definitely times I’ve spent preparing food for canning around our kitchen table.

That’s why it’s the best place to start.

But there’s one problem: farmhouse furniture is crazy expensive.

Which is funny because if you’re a crafty one and on a tight budget you can actually build a DIY farmhouse table without spending a lot of money.

For that reason, today we’re going to give you farmhouse dining room decor ideas from all over the internet.

20+ Best Farmhouse Dining Room Design and Decor Ideas

The Outdoor Farmhouse Table


This is not your traditional farmhouse table. But if you love to entertain and have a beautiful outdoor living space then you might really love and need this table.

And it is big enough to hold most any size family. Which is great news for people that have a lot of people to join them around their table.

The Larger Farmhouse Table

This is a table that would take a larger kitchen or dining area. But it sure is beautiful. It has a solid wood top.

And the rest of the table is painted a beautiful white color. It gives this table an antique feel. So if you have space and love furniture that feels like an antique then checks this one out.

Classic Farmhouse Design

This classic farmhouse design is one that will probably never go out of style. It is very functional with the bench seating. And it will allow for many people to gather around this table.

But it also looks very simple to build since the design is simple. So if you need a functional table that will offer classic charm then consider this design.

The Large Simple Farmhouse Table

I love this table. I love how simple the design is. And yet it still packs so much beauty into one table.

And I also love how it could hold quite a few people around it. But anyone who had to actually construct this table would be in love because the design is eloquent while easy.

The Traditional Farmhouse Table

This traditional farmhouse table is what you might think of when you think of the term ‘farmhouse dining room table.’

And it is roomy but also simple. Which makes it a great addition to almost any home. That way you could have as much space as you needed. But the fact that it isn’t a complicated build makes it a priceless piece.

Play Up a Fun Color

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Just as gold accessories add an on-trend vibe to an outfit, the warm tones of brushed gold flatware and embellished glasses add finesse and sparkle to a casual table.

Layer Neutrals for a Relaxed Look

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

“To give Country French my minimalist spin, I avoid the expected ruffles and plaids and keep it about the painted antiques and white linens,” says homeowner and designer Regina Lynch. She, along with designer Destiny Lynch (who also happens to be Regina’s daughter) came together to create this “less-is more” style.

Lighten Up with Windows

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Natural lighting makes a dining room magnetic. A clutch of chairs normally found in a living room, including two English wing chairs, amps up this room’s style. Canvas upholstery unites the mismatched vintage chairs.

Take Your Cue from the Natural Surroundings

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Reflecting its forested location, this house is decked out in a variety of natural materials from rough hewn beams to rustic furniture made from branches.

Make a Small Dining Room Look Larger

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling Leigh Anne Montgomery

Visually expand a small dining room by keeping the palette monochromatic and furnishing it with a round table and armless dining chairs. This crisp green dining room feels airy and open even though the space is small.

Include Family Pieces

Photo by: Erica George Dines

Formal dining rooms are the perfect place to display family heirlooms. They make fantastic conversation pieces when you entertain. A portrait of the homeowner’s late mother, who taught her how to entertain, properly presides over this elegant dining room.

Try a Round Table

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Encourage conversation with a round table. To keep things intimate, your table shouldn’t exceed 40-inches in diameter. This round table is surrounded by an eclectic collection of hole-caned chairs.

Utilize Corner Spaces

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn, Robbie Caponetto

A window-filled alcove in this beach house functions like a dining room with a casual table, two slipcovered end chairs, and a pillow-topped banquette. The built-in bench and wall of windows make this small space seem much larger. Two vintage light fixtures hung with nautical rope instead of standard chains illuminate the space.

Emphasize Architectural Details

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Highlight architectural features with a contrasting paint color. The stark white of this mantel pops against the gray-brown of the walls and allows each feature to maintain its importance.

Take Advantage of the View

Photo by: Alexandra Rowley

If you want to highlight the view outside of your dining space, keep your furnishings and accessories simple. This dining table is centered in front of a large back wall of windows, and space is softened with simple curtains.

Add Character with Salvage Materials

Photo by: Helen Norman, Styling by: Rebecca Omweg

Salvaged wood offers a distinctive warmth and texture that can’t be replicated with new wood. The wood floors in this dining room were salvaged from a local factory.

Highlight the Season

source: southernliving.com

Neutral dining spaces are perfect for highlighting seasonal decor. This dining room picks up the personality of seasonal florals and accents.

Raise the Fireplace

source: southernliving.com

This dining room fireplace is raised to table height so it can be enjoyed by everyone in the room.

Historic Simplicity

Photo by: Helen Norman

This updated dining room offers a clean, modern look that is both private and quiet.

Add Pattern with your China

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Let your china provide a dining room’s color and pattern. It’s the secret to the classic style that’s not overdone.

Keep It Stylish & Practical

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

This table is complemented by the slipcovered chairs and French-style bistro chairs that have plastic seats and backs, keeping things stylishly practical.

Create a Sophisticated Family-Friendly Space

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Anchored by a clean-lined Parsons table (left unpolished to stand up to fingerprints), the dining room is both sophisticated and family friendly. Galvanized-metal French Tolix chairs designed in the 1930s and a long bench (which has been known to hold as many as six kids) provide some much needed flexibility and style.

Rustic Iron and Wood Dining

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

Surrounded by a set of Queen Anne chairs scooped up at a secondhand shop in Charleston, this iron-and-wood dining room table crafted by Charles Calhoun creates a relaxed, rustic room.

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