Captive Inverted Round

WEAVE BACKGROUND Captive Inverted Round is a nice weave for chunky necklaces for guys. In the right AR, it can be a rigid weave for sculptural use. This tutorial assumes you already know how to weave basic Inverted Roundmaille. AR & … Read more

Tutorial Ruffles Of Chain Maille

WEAVE BACKGROUND Ruffles is a weave by PrairieGal of Beaded-Baubles. It is a variant of Helm Chain that adds side rings to give some extra pizzazz. AR & RING SIZES Ruffles takes 3 ring sizes. Two ring sizes to make Helm Chain, then additional, smaller … Read more

Aspect Ratio Demystified

Aspect ratio, AR, plays a very important part in making maille, but it can be a tricky concept to grasp. AR is the ratio of the Inner Diameter of the ring, ID, to the Wire Diameter, WD. This ratio controls how tight or … Read more