Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas: √ 19 Tips and Tricks Cool Bedroom Makeover

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas – You have just bought a farmhouse or you would like to renovate it?

You dream of a new floor for the bedroom and even new furniture or do you want to make new chic and fresh look for your farmhouse bedroom.

But what you get especially is stress and headache. However, it does not have to run at all.

In this article, you will learn how to get through a renovation carefree, for that you can fully enjoy your new farmhouse bedroom and by now you can have a very nice dream during your sleep.

Make fantastic farmhouse and read all our tips about the best farmhouse bedroom ideas.

A farmhouse bedroom that needs to be renovated will often be in an old state and in most cases it will, therefore, have to rebuilt to make it comfortably habitable.

The most farm is quite old and was built in the years 1940/1950. These houses are poorly insulated and this means that the entire farm needs an insulation plan during the renovation.

There are many possibilities when we are talking about isolating a farm. You can apply the following methods with isolation.

  • Have roof insulation applied
  • Allow cavity wall insulation
  • Have floor insulation applied
  • Leave double glazing and put new windows frames

Those are the most common parts of a residential farmhouse that can be isolated simply and affordable.

Those steps are actually crucial when an old farm is being renovated. Not only for your living comfort but also for the value of the new farmhouse.

Making a farmhouse bedroom over is a big job, but if you know what you want you can take steps faster.

That is why it is important to get inspired, find ideas that you want to apply in your own bedroom, determine colors, determined materials and capture the overall style.

Today we look at a farmhouse bedroom ideas that exude a lot of atmospheres, is provided with cheerful colors and gives tranquility. Are you watching?


Successful renovation: the preparation

A successful renovation stars with good preparation. This means that you choose the right professionals to work with and that you plan in advance what exactly needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Especially when you continue to live in your house while some rooms are being renovated, a renovation can be very drastic.

Surround yourself with experts

When renovating an old farmhouse, it is important to surround yourself with professionals who know about the hat and the edge.

An architectural inspector, architect or engineer can investigate the state of the house and whether there are any defects or vermin such as woodworms and longhorn beetles.

Most things can be remedied, but a good estimate of the cost of remodeling and renovating the bedroom is indispensable.

The institution

Old farms and house are often dark. With a number of adjustments such as skylights, light and air can enter your home again.

Choose light color in the interior so that the incoming light reflects into all corners of the house.

The makeover

Every good room makeover needs a before, right? Give the old farmhouse bedroom small makeover and turned it into a new shabby chic bedroom.

Start it out by changing the paint. Because if you want to do a room makeover on a budget-paint is your best friends.

Start it out by sampling a few different colors – and pick the color which fits the most with the new farmhouse bedroom ideas.

You can pick a brighter color for your room such as white. Guess what? The room will seem so much larger with the white color rather than the dark color such as black.

This is such as a great farmhouse bedroom makeover from Gina Luker’s blog and sees how she can makeover her farmhouse bedroom with before and after look.

Farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

There are so many different styles within the farmhouse look! You do not have to live on a farm to decorate in farmhouse style, you do not even have to live in a rural area.

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You just need to embrace the casual feel, nod to tradition, and underlying heart-of-the-country vibe that typifies this welcoming, warm, and easy fifty bedrooms to inspire you as you remodel your own farmhouse retreat.

A chic design for farmhouse bedroom is actually a timeless space in which you add your own personality.

Nowadays, designer furniture is so popular because it stays good for years but more importantly, it is still modern for years. Setting up a cozy and chic bedroom like a designer bedroom is, therefore, a good investment.

These bedrooms will give you a lot of different and stylish farmhouse bedroom decor ideas!

We are happy to give you some tips to turn your old farmhouse bedroom into a cozy and chic farmhouse bedroom.

Tip 1: Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains

Do not use curtains

white farmhouse bedroom furniture
source: Mugen style

We often see that the most modern design bedroom do not use curtains but blinds. These blinds have a tighter appearance, do not look cluttered and are easy to keep clean.

As soon as you no longer need the blinds, you roll them up so that you let all daylight fall in.

Tip 2: Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas With Sitting Area

small farmhouse bedroom

A huge farmhouse bedroom runs the entire length of the house, bathroom and walk-in closet included.

If you have a large living space within the room that you wanted to utilize as well you may take a look of Lauren Mcbride’s farmhouse master bedroom ideas.

How adorable is the little window seat? You can also use it as storage underneath the cushion. Now you can just sit and relax there, near the window when the rain falls.

Tip 3: Space Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse bedroom paint colors

Each room is suitable as a chic designer bedroom. A farmhouse bedroom can be transformed into a design room. Like for example this attic room on a farm.

By keeping the beams, roof, and walls in a neutral and light color, the bedroom gets a more elegant look. The design furniture such as these poufs from Eames, therefore, stand out more.

Tip 4: Mix and Match Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

french country farmhouse bedroom

A chic design bedroom does not have to be very tight.

It can also be a mix some of the antique furniture combine with design classic, for example, a simple white bed with a beautiful handmade bedspread and a modern design chair can be applied.

Nowadays, many farmhouse owners still keep the user of the traditional style but try to combine it with modern styles as decor in their house. The antique values over the memories.

Tip 5: Farmhouse Bedroom Set

farmhouse bedroom design

In the bedroom’s interior, the most important things are to create is an atmospheric and restful environment where relaxation is successful and sleep tastes.

Start decorating the bedroom with the most important bed. It is a long-term partner and valuable shopping, so it is a good idea to spend time on your choice. Try, explore and compare options and materials.

You have probably already heard about it, one mattress that is suitable for everyone and is delivered at home in a box? But is that really possible?

A mattress is in fact very personal. The bed mattress is the most sold bed type, and not in vain, it takes the least space in confined spaces and has hard edges that could collapse into knees.

Keep in mind that wide and tall baby beds require more space around them than ordinary beds.

Tip 6: Soft Materials Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse style bedroom ideas

You can also create a beautiful bedroom by adding softer materials. After all, the bedroom is a space where you have to feel good and be able to relax.

In the interior of this bedroom, it was decided to lay a soft carpet on the floor and to combine it with an upholstered armchair that is again a design classic.

Tip 7: Hard Materials

farmhouse bedroom light fixtures

Do you prefer a slightly tighter bedroom than it is a nice idea to finish the floor finish in different ways?

In this bedroom, you see that there is wood laid around the bed, which ensures that if you step out of the bed you are not immediately on a cold surface.

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A bit further where you walk towards the en-suite bathroom, there is chosen for a tiled floor. Because of these hard surfaces, your bedroom gets tighter but also a chilly look.

Tip 8: Nonchalant Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

modern farmhouse bedroom decor

Are not you completed the type that can keep everything tidy and tidy?

Do not be afraid because you can create a design bedroom. A worn plank floor, a simple bed and neutral color combined with a beautiful design classic can still be a chic modern look bedroom.

Tip 9: Scandinavian Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom chandelier

Nowadays it is completely hip to decorate your house and therefore also a bedroom, Scandinavian. Many neutral color, wood types warm fabrics and design classic from the image of the Scandinavian bedroom.

Tip 10: White and White


Are you a lover of white and light in your bedroom? Combine your white walls, bedding, and bed with a striking design piece of furniture.

In this way, the design furniture completely pops out and in this way you create the design bedroom that you would like to have.

Tip 11: Attic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

industrial farmhouse bedroom

A cozy attic room can also be arranged as a new chic farmhouse bedroom. A lot of light, neutral color and designer furniture create the desired style.

Tip 12: Fireplace in the Bedroom

vintage farmhouse bedroom

If you are lucky you may have a fireplace in your farmhouse bedroom from the wonderful decoration blog My Paradissi, you are already halfway to country farmhouse bedroom style.

If you don’t but wish you did, consider installing one of the many faux fireplaces that look almost real, but require no chimney or wood, and produce no flames or ashes.

Tip 13: Girl’s Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

French farmhouse bedroom

The farmhouse theme works just as well in a preteen or teen’s bedroom as it does in the master suite.

Here. A charming modern farmhouse girl’s bedroom is sweetened with touches of pink color and floral-decorated straw hats as wall art.

Tip 14: Farmhouse Bedrooms With Quilts

farmhouse bedroom wall decor

Quilts and the farmhouse decorating theme go together like peanut butter and jelly.

While you might be able to find a vintage quilt online, at an antique mall, or in a specialty shop, feel free to purchase a new quilt that solely appears to be old.

Layering a quilt over a bedspread, as in the room shown here, is another hallmark of the farmhouse style.

Tip 15: DIY Headboard Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse master bedroom ideas

Rustic wood and repurposed items are commonly found in the farmhouse style.

For instance, why settle for a traditional headboard when you could have a roughhewn and entirely wonderful DIY headboard made from old boards?

Who else needs a regular footboard when a vintage metal trough makes such a unique substitute? Farmhouse blog Buckets and Burlap show off both ideas in this cozy charmer of a master bedroom.

Tip 16: Simple Farmhouse Style Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom set

Even the simplest farmhouse bedroom has a warmth and coziness, as demonstrated here by this lovely room from designers Hendrick Churchill. So serene and peaceful.

Tip 17: Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas


Here is a perfect example of modern farmhouse style, from blog Love, Grows Wild.

The metal bed, wicker trunk, and shiplap walls are a pure country farmhouse, while the desktop metal lamp adds a touch of contemporary style. So restful and romantic.

Tip 18: Repurposing Farmhouse Bedroom Decor


Recycling, repurposing, and “making do” are ways of life on the farm, and that outlook extends to the decor.

While old shutters are a great substitute for a traditional headboard, you can take the idea even further, as decorating blog Thistlewood Farms did here.

An entire wall of shutters is an unexpected – and entirely wonderful – way to add whimsy and eye-catching style to a farmhouse bedroom.

Tip 19: Contrast


By applying contrast in your farmhouse bedroom, you also show clear lines. Clean lines can be combined with an old tile to make a contrast that it is clear that one is new and the other is old.

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