20 Inspiration to Make Your Laundry Room a Vintage Feel Cozy and Enjoyable


Vintage Laundry Room Decor – Whether it’s a closet or an entire room, doing the laundry can be the most dreaded task inside the home. Which is why it’s imperative that you make that space both functional and stylish.

Making it easy-to-use and happily aesthetic is key for surviving lots of loads of the family’s clothes. And these 20 vintage laundry room decor ideas will make this chore so much easier on you!

20 Awesome Vintage Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Functional and Fabulous

Designer by: Rebekah Zaveloff

This laundry room uses materials that are equally functional and beautiful. Materials like tile and stainless steel are extremely durable and easy to clean. Uses a smooth countertop above the appliances to add that extra surface that every laundry room dreams of.

Candy Apple Green

Designer by: Artistic Designs for Living

Use bold color to make a statement. This laundry room is a great example of how color can make a spectacular impression. The lime-green paint ties all of the cabinetry together while making the space look fun and inviting.

Contain Your Cleaning Supplies

Design by: Elsa Greer

A common source of frustration in the laundry room (other than endless piles of dirty clothes) is finding a
place for all those cleaning supplies. Solution: Store cleaning supplies in a carry-all caddy or open-top storage container.

The caddy is ideal for wire shelves because it prevents bottles from tipping over. Plus, no more rooting around in the back of the cabinet for window cleaner.

Create a Laundry Room Lost and Found

Source by: hgtv.com

More than just socks go missing in the laundry room each year. Add a mug or basket near the washer to contain items found in pockets. For those elusive socks, keep another basket handy for strays. Reunite all items with their owners each week.

By deciding where things will go (at least temporarily) and remembering to make it logical and accessible, you’ll have more success with an organization in the long run.

Let’s Get Personal

Designer by: Rie Sterling

Make a small space feel larger by using a light color palette with lots of white and light wood tones. Textures like canvas, metal, and wood add interest in a subtle but pleasing way. Adds a few personal touches that give the space character, like the glass bottles above the sink or the patterned rug.

Raised Up

Designer by: Sausha Khoundet

Using a contrast of black and white with a chandelier accessory makes this laundry room feel dynamic and elegant. This room is not only stylish but functional, too. Maximizes the available space by raising the washer and dryer to provide additional storage underneath.

Naturally Chic

Designer by: Rie Sterling

Need somewhere to dry your clothes? Sometimes your solution can be right in your backyard. Uses a branch suspended by a cord as a rustic and charming alternative to a drying rack. Hang baskets as a clever way to create storage, make your laundry room chic and keep it organized.


Not all laundry room cabinets need to be enclosed. Instead, here we see an efficient and small open shelving system that works just as well!


This laundry room couldn’t be any more sweet and charming. Just look at the mix of cabinets, sorting arrangements and gorgeous seafood color choice.


Here again, we see a beautiful pastel blue but the overall style is very much of a cottage experience. The blinded cabinets and a bit of a country flair make this laundry room welcoming too.


Baskets in the cubbies and a gently set of cabinets overhead, this laundry room is small but has what you need. Keep essentials around the washer and dryer with no qualms.


Sometimes the only space you get is underneath, and that’s okay. Because when you’ve created such a fun and playful place to do your chores, you’re so much happier!


If there was ever a sexy laundry room, it’s this one. Paired with a few black cabinets, this space has both function and style.


There is so much to love about this laundry room. There are so many details and textural selections found throughout the cabinet choice.


Again, if you’ve got a small space, utilize it to its fullest. Just check out how these L-shaped cabinets were installed to make this room even more functional.


There’s a lot of masculine energy surrounding this laundry room cabinet design. But again, we love the mix of cabinets and shelving, making a super functional space.


Here’s another gorgeous example of a laundry room made with black cabinets. There’s enough storage here but also the right kind of inspiration for those that don’t want to go with the traditional white choices.


These cabinets scream vintage style and we love it. The designer really went all out creating a space with old-age spirit.


Here we have a laundry room that’s been finished with a distressed, farmhouse feel because of its cabinet choice. And hows that addition of appliances that bring in the right pop of color?


One solid swoop and contemporary style make this wooden laundry room go round. It’s a unique way to add and style the cabinets in your home, don’t you think?

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