19 Exotic Types of Tropical Flowers for Home Decorations (Various Colors)

Types of Tropical Flowers – There are so many types of tropical flowers which really looks so beautiful and colorful. What are actually tropical flowers?

According to its name, tropical flowers are some kinds of flowers that only grow in tropical areas. You can only find these flowers in some countries with tropical climates such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Africa, Thailand, Argentina, Hawaii, and others.

Speaking of tropical flowers, you can choose some types of tropical flowers which you can use for home decoration purposes. You can grow these flowers in your garden or you can just put some tropical flower drawings on your house wall.

Anyway, what are the types of tropical flowers that are suitable for home decorations? Well, you can consider these following tropical flowers just in case you want to grow these kinds of flowers at home.


Exotic and Beautiful Types of Tropical Flowers

tropical silk flowers

Basically, tropical flowers come with various types and colors. You can find tropical flowers in many gardens which can really make the environment look fresh and beautiful.

Somehow, if you want to plant some tropical flowers, you can choose these following types of tropical flowers for decoration.

1. Hibiscus Flowers

pictures of tropical flowers
Source: stylecraze.com

One of the most beautiful tropical flowers on earth is Hibiscus. Hibiscus basically has a red color, but there are some hibiscus flowers that have pink colors. You can choose this type of tropical flower clipart which some homeowners usually use for wallpaper.

This combines the beauty from its green leaves and the red flower. Somehow, if you want to use the tropical flower drawing, you can choose your own colors such as blue, pink, yellow, and green. Somehow, you only need to keep the shape of the flower accordingly.

2. Anthurium Tropical Flowers

artificial tropical flowers
Source: bloomnation.com

If you are looking Hawaiian tropical flowers, you probably would like to choose the Anthurium. It is a kind of beautiful tropical flowers which has some color combinations. The Anthurium itself is only found in Hawaii.

This is a perfect flower which you can grow in your garden. But, if it is not possible to grow this plan, you may just use the tropical flower arrangements for home interior decoration. You can use an artificial anthurium to decorate your living room table.

3. Bougainvillea Types of Tropical Flowers

tropical flower bouquet
Source: etsy.com

Bougainvillea is another type of tropical flower which is commonly found in Indonesia. It is commonly known as a paper flower because the flower resembles a tiny paper. Moreover, this beautiful flower can grow easily even if you just put the branch on the soil.

If you want to get some pink tropical flowers, then you can choose this paper flower. In addition, this flower also comes with other various colors such as white, red, and yellow. Nevertheless, this flower needs regular watering so it does not die e4. easily.

4. Frangipani Flower

white tropical flowers
Source: etsy.com

Frangipani can be a good tropical flower delivered just in case you really want to have such nice beautiful flowers for decoration. This flower has two combination colors, they are white and yellow. But, if you want a red tropical flower, then you can also get red frangipani.

Suppose you cannot grow this type of tropical flower, you may use artificial Frangipani which is also as beautiful as the original Frangipani. You can also use Frangipani wallpaper to decorate your home will while you can choose your favorite colors according to your wishes.

5. Tabebuia Flowers

tropical rainforest flowers
Source : madiuntoday.id

The Tabebuia flower is originally from Brazil which is also commonly cited as cherry in the tropics. This Tabebuia flower grows on the tabebuia tree. If you prefer pink tropical flowers, then Tabebuia is the right choice for you.

Somehow, the Tabebuyar flower may also grow in subtropic areas. If you want to make your backyard look awesome with pink colors, then you can choose this type of tropical flower.

Basically, this flower does not have green leaves. It just has complete pink flowers that look extraordinary.

6. Euphorbia Flower

tropical flower pattern
Source: pinterest.com

The next tropical flower which looks attractive with its red color goes to Euphorbia. It has some small flowers with round shapes. You can check the tropical flowers images on the internet just in case you really want to know how this flower looks like.

Somehow, this flower does not only have a red color, but there are also white and pink Euphorbia flowers. Basically, this type of flower has more than 2420 species thanks to today’s technology. If you want to find this flower, you can go to Mexico which is usually used for making candles.

7. Jasmine Flower

tropical flower crown
Source: serenataflowers.com

There are thousands of tropical flowers names, and Jasmine is the common tropical flower that everybody knows.

This flower is commonly found in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The white color of this flower symbolizes the purity and the smell is also good,

If you are looking for tropical plants and flowers with good smell, the Jasmine must be the right option. Moreover, this flower can also easily grow, so you can just plant this flower at your garden to complete your flower collection.

8. Pentas lanceolata Tropical Flowers

tropical plants and flowers
Source: wikimedia.org

Suppose you want to get married and need a tropical flower crown, then the Pentas Lanceolata flower will be your beautiful choice. This flower basically has a red color, but there are also some red Pentas flowers with small sizes.

It must remind your childhood because kids really love this flower. You can take the middle part and just suck the honey which tastes so sweet. Somehow, you can grow this plant in your garden, but you have to water this flower on a regular basis.

9. Marigold Flower

tropical flowers names
Source: usatoday.com

We may not be able to count the numbers of tropical flowers, but if you want to see a tropical flower pattern, you may need to look at the Marigold flower. Marigold belongs to a tropical flower which has very amazing color with a red and yellow combination.

For your information, this tropical rainforest flower really likes the sunlight so you have to grow this flower under the sunlight without shade.

Suppose you want to see a lot of Marigold flowers, you may go to Bali and this flower is usually used for traditional ceremonies.

10. Thunbergia Flower

tropical flowers images
Source: alibaba.com

We can say that white flower flowers are very rare, but you can still find some white flowers like Thunbergia. Thunbergia is a nice beautiful flower which can decorate your beautiful garden. With this flower, you can bring a new harmonious atmosphere for your house.

This flower was firstly found by Carl Peter Thunberg and it belongs to an ornamental flower which can grow under the sunlight.

This flower can only grow outdoor, so you cannot have tropical flower bouquet with the Thunbergia flower. Somehow, you can choose other flowers for indoor decors.

11. Angelonia Flowers

red tropical flower
Source: gardenerspath.com

Angelonia belongs to an ornamental flower which you can easily grow on a pot or vase and it can withstand the hot climate.

This flower also comes with various colors such as bicolor, purple, pink, and white. Somehow, if you cannot find this flower, you can use artificial tropical flowers.

Many people would love to grow this flower because of its beautiful color. You can even use this flower as an indoor decoration.

Moreover, this flower is also considered as one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. So, it is not a bad idea that you choose this flower for home decor.

12. Chicken Comb Flower

pink tropical flowers
Source: steemit.com

How does the chicken comb flower look like? Well, you may check the pictures of tropical flowers on the internet and you will find it. This actually belongs to the Amaranthaceae family and the shape of the flower really resembles the comb of a chicken.

Somehow, this beautiful flower is commonly found in Indonesia and it basically has a red color. This flower is really unique and it is very good for tropical silk flowers just in case you want to have such a nice interior flower decor at home.

13. Cactus Flower

tropical flowers delivered
Source: pergidulu.com

Cactus is a type of tropical flower which has a different characteristic from other flowers Basically, this flower does not have a flower or it has no typical color. It is totally green and it has some thorns on its body.

You can find so many tropical flowers pictures and names on this internet, but this is the unique one.

You can use Cactus as the interior decoration because you can grow it on a pot. Moreover, this flower cannot die easily because it can save water in the body. But, you have to pay attention to the thorns because the thorns are very shard and dangerous.

14. Tropical Sun Flowers

tropical flower arrangements
Source: chatfieldcourt.com

One of the most common tropical flowers which you can find in many Asian countries is the sunflower. You may be familiar with this flower that really resembles the sun. If you like orange tropical flowers, the sunflower is a very amazing choice for garden decoration.

You can also use tropical silk flower arrangement with the sunflower. Somehow, you cannot use the sunflower as indoor decoration, but you can use some artificial sunflowers for table decors like living room table decor or dining table decor.

15. Forget Me Not Tropical Flowers

Source: pinterest.es

A blue tropical flower comes with the Forget Me Not flower. It is an amazing flower which looks so different and unique. In general, the Forget Me Not does not only grow in tropical areas, but it can also grow in various climates.

For the perfect home decoration, you can use the Forget Me Not flowers, either for outdoor or indoor decorations. In a certain case, if you prefer purple tropical flowers, you can also choose this flower because some of the flowers also have a purple color.

16. Gaillardia Flower

Source: parade.com

Do you have no idea which one you can choose to replace your tropical flower Florida? Well, we would recommend you to choose the Gaillardia flower which looks so adorable with its combination colors of orange and red.

This flower looks like the sunflower but it has a different pattern.

Anyway, if you want to decorate your house with tropical plants with red flowers, you can choose Gaillardia flower. But, this flower may only grow outdoors. So, you can choose an artificial Gaillardia flower for indoor decoration.

This ornamental flower will make your house look harmonious and fresh.

17. Lantana Camara

Source: plants.ottenbros.com

Lantana Camara is a type of tropical flower which is quite popular among Indonesia people. This flower also comes in various colors. If you would love to grow yellow tropical flowers, then you may choose the Lantana Camara.

Somehow, it does not only have yellow colors, but you will also get the pink, red, and purple Lantana Camara. Of course, this flower will be the best choice if you want to make your backyard or garden look colorful with a fresh plant. The green leaves even make the combination look perfect.

18. Portulaca Flower

Source: pinterest.compinterest.com

Maybe, you are quite familiar with tropical paper flowers. One of the most beautiful paper flowers that you can grow is the Portulaca flower. Instead of Bougenville, you can choose the Portulaca which also has some colors such as white, red, and yellow.

It is really easy to grow the Portulaca flower because you can just grow it on a pot. You can put this flower indoor or outdoor as long as it gets the sunlight. In a glimpse, this flower looks like a rose, but it does not smell like a rose flower.

19. Rose Flower

Source: flowers-sib.ru

The last type of tropical flower that you may really like to grow is the Rose flower. Everybody knows Rose flowers. Somehow, this flower does not only grow in some tropical areas, but it can also grow in many places. So, this flower must be the perfect choice for your garden.

Basically, the rose flower symbolizes love because the red color is like the red color resembles the heart. You can use this tropical flower hair clips to make your appearance look amazing. You can also choose the rose flower as the tropical wedding flower.

In summary, those are some types of tropical flowers which you may actually choose and grow for decoration purposes. In a certain case, you can grow some of those flowers indoor, but they commonly can only grow outdoors because they need sunlight.

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