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Jeff Olin is an alumnus of Alfred University in upstate New York, with a B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering and M.S. in Glass Science. He was introduced to chainmaille in 2003, and took a keen interest in it. He has learned many weaves, primarily thanks to the generous knowledge base on the Internet.

Jeff wanted to contribute to that knowledge base, and made his first tutorial for Captive Inverted Round in the summer of 2004, using (somewhat out-of-focus) photographs of his ‘foldover’ method. Encouraged by the positive response from fellow maillers, he began to create additional tutorials.

Jeff liked the clean appearance of tutorials that were illustrated with CG images rather than photographs, so he combined his interests in computers and chainmaille, and began using the program Maya to generate chainmaille images. This allowed him to design tutorials that were clear and detailed enough to easily follow the construction of the weave.

Jeff has steadily advanced his proficiency with Maya, and now produces high quality, photorealistic maille graphics. He continues to donate his time to the maille community by offering free tutorials that are helping maillers all over the world learn new weaves and techniques.

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