5 Tips to Find the Best Lightweight Vacuum for Your Home

Planning to purchase a lightweight or portable vacuum cleaner is a great purchase decision you can make. However, ensuring you choose the right products from a wide variety might be an issue.

There are several companies and brands out there and the choice on which to pick might be a bit confusing.                                             

It is important for users to note that finding the best lightweight vacuum cleaner is largely based on what you want. Frankly, there are many great products in the market, but the best product to each user is subjective to the user. Hence, finding the best of them depends on what you want as a user.

This does not take out the fact that there are some general things to check while on your quest, to make you ensure that you are making a great choice.

Hence, this article contains five tips that you would definitely find helpful.

5 Helpful Tips When You are Trying to Choose the Best Lightweight Vacuum for Your Home

Tip 1: Check its Capacity

When you pick a product of choice, its capacity is one of the first things to consider. Different portable vacuums are designed based on the proposed uses. Hence lightweight vacuums have different capacities. This implies that while some can take in a lot of dust, others cannot. If you are going to be using the vacuum cleaner regularly, then you need one with a very large capacity.

Since lightweight vacuum cleaners are small, choosing one with large capacity will be a really smart choice.

Tip 2: Air Tight Quality

Apart from the design, you also need to check out if the lightweight vacuum cleaner is airtight. To know this, hear the view of the store owner about the air-tight quality of the lightweight vacuum.

Also, pay attention to the special features of the product(s) of interest to get information on this.

Tip 3: Check out the Features

Before you buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner or any appliance at all, of course you have to check for its features. Additionally, you also need to check for special features each product may have. For instance, if you are checking the Roomba’s i7+, you have to see if there’s anything that sets it apart from others.

The hand of vacuums usually has attachments (such as a brush or an extension). The vacuum may also have the pet hair cleaner, the dry/wet function or carpet cleaner facility.

Tip 4: Compare Weight

For some users, the aim of getting a portable vacuum cleaner is to have a cleaner that they can use comfortably. This is why you must compare the weights of your choices.

The one with a great weight is one that is comfortable to use, as some are light in the handle while others are heavy. However, the heavy ones (the heavy-duty vacuums) can clean bigger messes.

However, ensure you choose a product that would not give you pain in your wrist and hand.

Tip 5: Make a choice based on if it is Corded or Cordless

Lightweight vacuums may come as cordless types or with cords. While the cordless types run with a battery and only require charging from time to time, those with cords are usually plugged directly to a power source for use.

Further, the battery time of the best lightweight vacuums needs to be considered.

Hence, the battery life of the vacuum cleaner of choice must be checked. Most of the cordless/ rechargeable types will work efficiently for 5-30 minutes before they need to be charged again.


While we have given a couple of tips in this article, some other helpful tips include looking out for a product with high suction capacity (if you’ll be using it for your carpet), and one with a height adjustment tool. Ensure you also have a budget.

In searching for a great product, don’t put yourself under pressure as the search should not start from the market. Start searching from your home by reading up reviews and ratings of several users. These reviews are readily available online.

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