20+ Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces to Make your Home Feel Bigger


Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – Tiny homes hold the secret to clever storage, with their well-placed shelves and multi-functional furniture. They demonstrate that if you get creative, you can maximize even the most minuscule sliver of space.

Keeping this in mind, we searched room by room to find the best storage solutions for small spaces – including small room ideas for small bedrooms, small bathrooms, small kitchens and more. Intrigued? Come to see how others added storage to a small space with these ideas…

Unique and Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Shelf Dividers

Design: Muuto; Photo: Petra Bindel

If your small space is a studio, you might be trying to find inventive ways to delineate the bed “room” from the living “room” without putting up a wall. Stacking crates or even floating an open shelving unit will provide you with extra space to stash things while you’re at it.

Wall-Mounted Seating

Design: BY Architects; Photo: Aleksandra Vajd

If your lease or budget permits it, install a floating bench-shelf low along a wall, or have one fashioned from an inexpensive material like plywood and mounted the way BY Architects did in the room below. Seating that doesn’t clutter floor space? Check.

Fold-Down Desk

Design and Photo: Norm Architects

In many small rooms, it would be crazy to consider making space for a full-size desk. But you can’t write that novel in bed (well, you could, but it sure would be nice to sit on a chair occasionally).

So either slips a stool under a console table or find a fold-down desk you can affix to the wall, the way the Danish firm Norm Architects did in this spare black-and-white room.

Peg Board Wall

Design: Position Collective; Photo: Balázs Glódi

For easy re-arranging, good looks, and an abundance of adjustable storage consider a pegboard wall, like this cheerful peachy one by Position Collective.

Bicycle Shelf

Keep your bicycle out of the way and make a stylish feature of it with a wall-mounted bike rack (these Graham & Green ones are no longer in stock, but an array of stylish alternatives can be found online). You don’t need to store above the fireplace, a hallway will work just as well.

A Clever Combination Of Kitchen Shelves

A plethora of extra storage space is unleashed in this Ikea kitchen by surrounding the doorway with cabinets. Lesser-used items are stored higher up, while a small cube shelf rests on the countertop to store smaller, everyday items.

Sleek storage boxes are placed on top of the refrigerator, while a wall shelf displays decorative plates and teacups.

Behind-The-Bed Clothes Storage

Interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni of MPD London has utilized the space behind the bed in this room to create an unenclosed walk-in wardrobe.

‘The mirror conceals double doors which lead to the bathroom,’ he says.

‘We left a 70cm gap between the back of the bed and the Poliform storage and hanging system, so there is space to walk around, and also for a retractable ladder that allows access to the top shelves. We curtained it off using a sheer fabric from de Le Cuona. This method creates a feeling of space, making the room feel lighter and less cluttered.’

Tiny Bedroom Bookshelves

Tiny bedrooms don’t need to be boring bedrooms. Stick to a two-tone scheme (in this case, pink and white), streamline with clever under-bed storage and make a design feature with essential items, like books. A few well-chosen necessities in bold prints (throws, cushions, etc) will add some personality.

Alcove Space

The main bedroom in designer Paul de Zwart’s, Kensal Rise home cleverly combines decorative details with storage. A chest of drawers built into the alcove makes great use of the rooms natural space. The chest of drawers and wall cladding are both made from the same material. The two ‘Leggera’ chairs from Giò Ponti add color.

Rattan Storage

By strategically placing containers in your bathroom you can neatly store everything away and create surface space. These rattan storage boxes come in a plethora of sizes and work well with a variety of bathroom schemes.

Rattan storage, priced from £26, from OKA

Built-In Bookshelf

A mix of sofas and armchairs are arranged around the stone chimneypiece in Vogue Curator Robin Muir’s London home. There are many features that draw the eye here, including the John Bellany painting on the chimney breast, the wire-cage chandelier and high alcoves filled with bookshelves.

If You Can’t Stand The Space, Get Out Of The Kitchen

Kitchenalia can always be moved to another, larger room if storage space is at a premium, especially for items that you don’t use regularly. A well-made cabinet such as this would look equally lovely in a sitting room.

Monochrome Kitchen

This kitchen provides the perfect inspiration for those working within a small area. Compact without appearing cramped, the storage space is structured by clean, monochrome lines, which are in turn warmed by the soft touches of copper that infuse the color scheme.

All products, Marks & Spencer

Blue & White

This compact kitchen from British Standard by Plain English keeps all-important work surfaces clear with ample cupboard space underneath for the storage of large pots and pans. A rail on the wall offers handy access to smaller items such as utensils.

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